Khruangbin: Con Todo El Mundo


Khruangbin wasn’t the easiest thing to pronounce when we first noticed the opening act for Chicano Batman during their tour stop in Austin last year. But after doing some research into the band and instantly being drawn to their mix of ambient sounds, it’s a name that we won’t soon forget. For those not familiar, Khruangbin (pronounced croo-ang-bin) translates to airplane in Thai. The band draws from many influences and sounds from across the globe but are originally from Houston, Texas. Their desire to draw from outside influences and grow their fanbase has taken them all over the world, with the Glastonbury, Bonnaroo, and Desert Daze festivals and intimate tours with Father John Misty, Tycho, and the previously mentioned Chicano Batman. The bands that have invited them to perform on tours show the depth and range of the band’s music and how easily they can connect with fans of many different styles and genres.

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The band’s second album, Con Todo El Mundo, will be released on June 28th via Dead Oceans Records. The title of the album is a dedication to bassist Laura Lee’s Mexican-American grandfather who, growing up, would ask her, “Cuanto me quieres?” and would only accept one response: “Con Todo El Mundo”.

The band has already built up anticipation for the upcoming release with two stellar singles and videos accompanying each track. The first, “Maria Tambien,” tells the story from the perspective of Iranian women prior to the revolution of 1979 and how they had freedom to express themselves, providing contrast to the environment they are living in today.  The second single, “Friday Morning” has a different tone and is described as more of a love song and was recorded at the band’s “homebase,” a ranch in Burton, Texas where a lot of the band’s roots lie. For the “Friday Morning” video, the band asked their closest friends and family to record messages of love for them. This was an awakening for the band as whole, as it showed them an outpouring of just how loved they really were. They then played the audio while recording their reactions for the video, a simple idea that has some really poignant results.

To celebrate the release, the band will do what they do best and tour extensively in support of Con Todo El Mundo. If our first live Khruangbin experience showed us anything, it is that you can expect the band’s hypnotic sound to come across some their best tracks and may even catch a Dr. Dre cover coming out of nowhere to blow your mind.

You can find a full listing of upcoming tour dates and pre-order your copy of Con Todo El Mundo at the band’s site