Kali Uchis: In Your Dreams Tour - Austin


The energy at Stubb's reached a fever pitch once the lights went out. The silhouette of Kali Uchis appeared center stage behind a curtain drenched in red light. Softly singing the opening of "Dead To Me," the singer emerged from behind the curtain to a wall of screams from her adoring fans. This tour is as huge a moment for the Colombian-American singer as it is for her fans. With the release of "Isolation," she finally has an arsenal of songs to perform during what will undoubtedly be her most intimate shows, as her meteoric rise is justly destined for arena shows. It is a unique time to be a Kali Uchis fan, and her die-hards know it.


Uchis has mastered her performance over the last few years. She maintained eye contact with the crowd for the entire evening while pulling out carefully choreographed dance moves to tracks like  "I Feel Love" and "Flight 22,"; the whole amphitheater moved to the vibe. It's quite a sight to see what an influence she has on her fans who have emulated her style down to the tiniest details and sing along to every song without ever missing a word. Her strong suit is her Spanish language performances, a subtle but firm reminder of how aware she is of her roots.  In this, we got "Nuestra Planeta" and a cover of Gloria Trevi’s "Todos Me Miran," to which the audience dutifully sang along. Uchis played an 18 song set that concluded appropriately with "Body Language" She is an artist on the verge of superstardom, not based on one performance but on her ability to connect and influence her audience in both style and attitude, a feat easier said than done. We will meet up with Kali Uchis next month in California at Tropicalia Fest and are ready for another party.