‘An Uncertain Future’ and Other Short Documentaries Are Amplifying Marginalized Voices

By Richard Gonzalez

On May 18th, Fusion, in partnership with Field of Vision and Firelight Media, launched the “Our 100 Days” initiative. The short film series serves as an act of resistance towards the Trump administration and their bigoted proposals including travel bans and building a wall along the Mexican border. These acts have singled out specific communities in cities across the U.S and abroad, and in response, the series aims to provide a platform for those communities who are most targeted. It aims to amplify those voices while providing a reminder that they are a part of the tapestry of America.

Episodes air weekly, beginning with directors Sofia Khan and Nausheen Dadabhoy’s feature Act of Worship which provides a rare behind-the-scenes look at the Council of Islamic American Relations. The episode follows CAIR Los Angeles head Hassam Ayloush and National Lawyers Guild Executive Director Ameena Mirza as they organize protests and file lawsuits against the proposals in the days following the inauguration of Donald Trump. During this time there were numerous protests at airports across the country, and the episode shows how they navigated through the chaotic first days of the travel ban and fought for the rights of Muslims to enter the country legally.

Other topics in the upcoming series will include a history of racially-motivated violence in one of America’s most iconic liberal cities, a transgender teenager fighting for protection of trans students in Virginia, and the issue of immigration, seen through the eyes of motherhood in Austin, Texas.

In An Uncertain Future, filmmakers Chelsea Hernandez and Iliana Sosa follow two expectant mothers, Cristina Tzintzún and Ruth Guzman, leading up to the birth of their children in Austin, Texas. Both Tzintzún’s husband and Guzman are undocumented and the film delves into the emotions and new realities they must grapple with as they are faced with a Trump presidency. Particularly, as U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents conduct raids in areas of Austin and SB4 is brought before the Texas Legislature. The documentary delves into a fearful climate as we hear accounts of ICE agents going so far as to pull over trucks with construction equipment and targeting very specific areas of Austin, forcing many in the community to seek safe places and avoid simple tasks like going shopping and sending their children to school.

“Our 100 Days” will premiere a new short documentary every Thursday on Fusion’s website dedicated to the “Our 100 Days” initiative. Firelight Media will also be moderating Twitter conversations on the films each Thursday at 1pm ET under the hashtag #Our100Days.

On June 9th, Latinx Spaces and Jolt will hold a special screening of An Uncertain Future at Atmosphere Coworking. Following the screening we will be holding a panel discussion featuring both Cristina Tzintzun and Ruth Guzman as well as civil rights activist and author Martha Cotera, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Texas State, Lori Gallegos and Nicole M. Guidotti-Hernandez, Associate Professor of American, Mexican-American and Latina/o Studies at UT Austin.

The event is free to the public and you can RSVP on Facebook. You can also follow Latinx Spaces on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram to join in on the conversation.